Here you will find the answers to often asked questions.

How can I start the advertising campaign?

After the registration in Kadam you will be instantly able to create and launch campaigns in your personal account page.

Detailed instruction of creating campaigns you can find here.

What is the CPA Target?

CPA Target is a smart automated bid algorithm that sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target cost per action you set. Simple words, you set the target CPA and Kadam automatically optimizes and adjusts the bids according to the price you set.

More information about CPA Target here.

When I try to save my campaign the error «Incorrect URL» appears.

This error can be caused by excess «space» in the beginning or the ending of the URL. Check this case and try to save the campaign again.

What is "Premium ads"?

You can find the detailed information about premium ads here.

Is there any limitation on the number of advertising campaigns that I can create?

The limitation on the number of campaigns from one account is 30.

How can I create a teaser?

You can find the detailed information about creating of teasers here

How can I create a banner?

You can find the detailed information about creating of banners here.

How can I create a Push-notification?

You can find detailed information about creating of Push-notifications is here.

How can I create a clickunder campaign?

You can find detailed information about launching a clickunder campaign here.

Clickunder campaign. Why there is the «Waiting for payment» status and impressions are not going on if there are money at my balance in Kadam?

The Clickunder campaign stops if the balance in Kadam is $10 or less.

What is the cost per click?

Cost per click depends on a lot of factors: the sites categories that you choose for showing, ads format, regional setups.

All necessary information about cost per click is available on your personal account page after the registration in the system.

What is the limitation on number of creative in a single campaign?

The limitation on amount of creatives within single advertising campaign is 20.

How can I manage the creatives that I use in advertising?

You can find detailed information about managing your creatives here

How much traffic will I get?

The amount of traffic depends on many factors, initially on the settings of the advertising campaign, the settings of the target audience, the quality of advertising materials, competition in the category, etc. The amount of available traffic you can estimate after creating an advertising campaign.

In the campaign setups I see the sex and age targeting. Where do you get this information from?

The sex, age and interest targeting of users is determined of algorithms of the program operating which uses the public information about attendance of website by users. That means that these targets cant be 100% accurate. Keep that in mind.

Why is there a limit to the number of clicks and budget in the campaign settings?

In the campaign setups you can limit the amount of transitions by users to your resource per day. Also you can setup the allowable daily budget of campaign.

After reaching of limits set by you, the campaign will be automatically stopped and restarted the next day. In case of reaching the general budget limit the same situation. For relaunching this campaign you will have to increase the budget or just remove it.

How should I choose the website for my campaign to show on?

In the setups of advertising campaign you can choose the thematic categories of the sites, which match all of your potential clients interests.

How can I track the conversions from specific ad creatives and sites?

For tracking the conversions/clicks from specific ad creatives and sites in the external sources (CPA networks, Google Analytics etc) you have to add to the campaign URL following macros:

[SID] - for transfering site ID
[ID] -  for transfering creative ID
[CID] - for transfering campaign ID

The way advertising link looks is different for every CPA network, thats why we recommend to ask how exactly the link will look like with our tokens. 

Example for Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics:


What are macros?

You can find detailed information about macros and how to use them here.

Is it possible to stop the traffic flow on the specific site?

Yes, it is possible. For this case in the campaign settings you have to add ID of this kind of sites in the «Blacklist» field.

Is it possible to stop my campaign for a specific period?

Yes, it is possible. You have to go to your campaign list and press the "Stop" button on the right side of the page opposite your campaign.

How long does the moderation process of teasers last?

Teasers go to the moderation in a row that they are uploaded. Medium time of moderation of one teaser is not more than 30 minutes.

What are the file requirements for teasers?

The picture has to be square with the size not less than 500x500 pixels.  Allowable file formats for teasers are: jpg, png, jped, gif. The maximum weight for file is 512 KB.

What are the file requirements for Push-notifications?

The picture has to be square with the size not less than 500x500 pixels.  Allowable file formats for teasers are: jpg, png, jped, gif. The maximum weight for file is 512 KB.

What kind of banner formats are allowed in your service?

Allowable file formats are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Maximum weight is - 150.0 KB. Recommended banner sizes are: 160х600, 180х150, 240х400, 300х250, 728х90 and other popular banner formats.

How can I increase the amount of traffic in my campaigns?

The detailed information about ways of increasing traffic to your campaigns is here.

Why is the number of impressions less than it was before in my campaign?

In most cases, it was caused by a loss at the auction. More and more advertisers have begun buying traffic at your intersection points for your campaign settings. For detailed information about optimization of your campaigns contact your personal manager - his contacts are always in your account page.

How can I increase the CTR of my creatives?

Your personal manager will also help you with increasing the CTR of your creatives or you can find this information by yourself here.

Where can I find the statistics for one specific teaser?

In «Statistics» section you have to find button «By campaigns». On the opposite side of every campaign there is an icon as a picture. After you go there you will find all the statistics of every teaser of this campaign.

How can I use the statisctics which I see in my personal account page?

You can find detailed information about how to work with statistics here.

My campaign with push-notification format is active, but there are no impressions at all. Why did this happen?

The unscrew speed of an advertising campaign decreases in the format of a push notification if the amount on the balance is less than $20. This limitation is due to the fact that the user can click on the ad in a day or after it has been displayed. Thus, the system tries to minimize the loss of the advertiser's balance in the negatives. Accordingly, if at the time of launching the campaign the amount on the balance is $20 or less, then the campaign cannot start.

I set up the limitation on clicks in my campaign, but got more clicks. Why?

Click restriction means that the campaign will stop showing your ads when they reach the limits, but in any case there is a chance that the clicks will come from ads that were shown before the limits were reached. This is why excesses are sometimes permissible, and it will be more problematic if their limits are too terrible and the CTR is too high.

I set up the black/white lists, but the impressions are still coming from the blocked sites. Why?

Black and White lists become active in 10-15 minutes after refreshing the ID data. It also applies to new campaigns, in which the ID is added within creating.

Why is my image blocked because of "wrong image"?

For this reason, animated images are blocked with an extension different from gif.

What will happen if I increase my bid?

Traffic in Kadam advertising network is distributed by the rules of the auction. The higher CPM of your ad format, the more traffic you will get. CPM is calculated by next formula:

CPM = bid×CTR×1000.

With the increasing of bid - CPM becomes higher also. That helps you to get more traffic.

Which platforms will my ads appear on?

Advertising materials will be displayed on platforms that correspond to the categories for display selected in the campaign settings. If keywords are specified in the campaign settings, then ads will be displayed on pages using the specified keywords. The domain names of the platforms are not disclosed.

What currency is the statistics for my campaigns in?

All the statistics in the service is converted into USD.

How long does it take until the campaign starts getting traffic?

Launching can take up to 15 min. Be careful while changing status or bid of the campaign, it can take up to 15 min.