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Create, analyze, and scale effective ad campaigns focused on the result in a single interface.

CPA Target

CPA Target is a smart automated bid algorithm that sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target cost per action you set. Simple words, you set the target CPA and Kadam automatically optimizes and adjusts the bids according to the price you set.

Payment models


Cost per thousand


Cost per click

CPA Target

Campaign auto optimization

Why Kadam is the best Internet Advertising Company?

Precise targeting tools

More than 10 targeting options, including interests and socio-demographic indicators.

Total control

Clear, detailed statistics. Easy management of any number of ad campaigns.

Reference quality

A multi-factor mechanism for scoring traffic quality, using in-house and external systems to protect from fraud.

Detailed statistics

Convenient tools for tracking statistics and analyzing all key campaign indicators.

Advertising formats
Banner ads
Native ads (teasers)
Push ads
On-Site Push
In-App Push

Personal manager

Get top-notch support for achieving maximum ROI. An experienced personal manager is always there to help you with settings, creatives, and campaign optimization. Your personal manager will keep constant tabs on your campaigns and offer advice on how you can maximize your profit.

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