Any User has the right to refuse Kadam.net statistical information collection by prohibiting the provision of the information specified in this section through the Opt-Out function.

The purpose of the Opt-Out function is to provide Users with the right to refuse the display of Ads targeted specifically to this User.

Targeted ads are displayed using cookies installed in Users’ browsers.

If the User refuses the collection of his or her information through the Opt-Out function, Kadam.net shall replace the cookie with the unique browser identifier of that User with the Opt-Out cookie, through which it is impossible to collect and analyze further information about a User of Kadam.net.

Because cookies are installed in a specific browser (Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.), if a User uses multiple browsers on the same computer or multiple computers with different browsers, the User must use the Opt-Out feature for each browser used. This provision also applies to the reinstallation of the operating system, the browser, and the installation of another operating system and/or browser.

The User's refusal of the collection of statistical information by Kadam.net does not constitute a refusal by the User for ads to be displayed on the Internet.

These regulations apply only to the services provided by the COMPANY

The COMPANY is not liable for the third-party websites that the User may visit by clicking on links available on the Website Kadam.net.

The COMPANY may, at any time, make amendments to these provisions by updating this provision and specifying the date of the latest update.

Refuse to the data collection/Opt-out
Refuse to the data collection

We will not collect any information about your PC untill the cookie-file with ur refusing is installed.