Monetize your traffic and grow your profit

Monetize your traffic with maximum return! Kadam is a simple and functional tool that allows you to get the most out of every visit

More than 100,000 websites working with Kadam. What are the reasons?

Quality advertising

In Kadam all ads are checked by multi-factor moderation, which excludes the display of inappropriate content

High demand on impression

Tens of thousands of advertisers are fighting for impressions on your website. They will provide a consistently high buyback

The variation of settings

More than 500 million impressions per day provide the highest reach in 200 countries around the world, regardless of the location of your audience


We control the latest updates of searching systems and ad blockers in order to provide website security and high revenue

Detailed statistics

All key tracking metrics are inside your Kadam account. View your earnings for all necessary parameters

Website Monetization in 3 steps
Choose ad type
The more formats you choose, the more competition will be for your placements, I.e. more ad revenue
Set up ad formats
Choose placement and design of ad formats, which natively fit into the content of your website
Set up ad block
Detailed settings in Kadam demonstrate relevant ads, which allows you to get a high income from each visit
The most profitable formats for maximum monetization
Banner ad
Native ad

Personal manager

Your personal manager will always help with settings and optimization. He'll monitor all the campaigns and suggest the best ways to maximize your ROI

It's time to earn money from your website

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