We install SSP and DSP!

We provide a modern and effective way to buy and sell ad inventory. Fully functional, with professional support for our RTB partners.

Huge volumes of traffic - more than 6 billion auctions per day
Direct advertisers and the ads of premium quality
5 advertising formats and dozens of banner sizes
Protection against poor quality traffic
Full conformity with the canons of the OpenRTB protocol
Individual working-out and integration flexibility
7 years of delivery desktop and mobile advertising on an industrial scale
Payment by CPM and CPC
Why is it beneficial to work with us?
Advertising formats
Banner ads
Native ads (teasers)
Video ads
On-Site Push
In-App Push
We deliver not just “faceless” traffic,
but provide audience with data:
We cluster an audience
By interests, gender, age and daily activity
We predict further
Visitor behavior using big data and artificial intelligence technology
We transfer
Detailed data for custom classifications
We always welcome our new RTB

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